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Each year, the Jan Pentland Foundation awards a number of scholarships to help cover the costs of studying the CHC51115 Diploma of Financial Counselling. The foundation also annually awards the Jan Pentland Prize, which recognises the outstanding advocacy and service of a financial counsellor.

The Jan Pentland Foundation was founded in memory of Jan Pentland, a financial counsellor who had an enormous impact on the profession. For years, Jan championed the cause of financial counselling and campaigned for a better deal for people on low incomes or who were vulnerable.

FCA is proud to support the Jan Pentland Foundation by helping to administer the annual scholarships.

The Jan Pentland Prize is our sector’s most prestigious award. It is is managed by FCA, and recognises achievement in financial counselling or consumer advocacy, with a particular focus on the integration of casework and campaigning for broader change.

The announcement of the winner of the Jan Pentland Prize and the scholarship winners occurs at the Jan Pentland Foundation dinner, held during FCA’s annual conference.

The Jan Pentland Prize

The $1,000 Jan Pentland Prize honours the life and work of Jan Pentland. It recognises the work of an individual, group or organisation in the community sector that has made a significant difference to the financial and consumer rights of disadvantaged people.

For more information about the prize, including an overview of the criteria and a list of previous winners, please visit the Jan Pentland Foundation website.

If someone you know has contributed significantly to the financial counselling sector in the past year, you can nominate them by filling out this form.

The Jan Pentland Scholarships

Jan Pentland Scholarships provide financial assistance to those studying or intending to study financial counselling. The criteria include financial need and the ability to make a significant contribution to financial counselling.

To learn more about the scholarships, please visit the Jan Pentland Foundation website.

Donate to the Jan Pentland Foundation

Your donation will provide training for financial counsellors, and aspiring financial counsellors, to offer the best services to struggling and/or disadvantaged Australians.

Each year, these scholarships allow potential financial counsellors to complete their formal qualifications and enter a rewarding career helping people to get their lives back on track.

FCA covers all administrative costs. Legal and accounting services are provided pro bono. So 100% of your kind donation gets put to work. Your donation is tax deductible.

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