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An Australia
with fewer people
in financial hardship

An Australia
with fewer people
in financial hardship

Financial Counselling Australia (FCA) is the peak body for financial counsellors in Australia.

FCA is the national voice for the financial counselling profession in Australia. It is a not-for-profit organisation that:

  • Provides resources and support for financial counsellors;
  • Advocates for a fairer marketplace;
  • Works to raise the profile of financial counsellors;
  • Advocates to increase access to financial counselling; and
  • Works to improve hardship processes for people in financial difficulty.

Financial counsellors call for JobSeeker increase this Anti-Poverty Week

Financial Counselling Australia has joined Anti-Poverty Week, Sunday 11 – Saturday 17 October 2020, to highlight the devastating impacts of poverty in Australia and the…

Financial counsellors welcome funding announcements

Financial Counselling Australia has welcomed two key announcements made last night as part of the Federal Budget. The first measure will secure the ongoing pay…

Consumer groups slam move to remove responsible lending laws

  MEDIA STATEMENT FRIDAY 25 SEPTEMBER 2020 Consumer groups slam move to remove responsible lending laws Removing credit protections will cause harm to people and…

Juggling bills and debts?

for free

The website has step-by-step guides explaining how to fix common debt problems


Call the Helpline to speak to a financial counsellor

Help for Small Businesses

To find a financial counselling agency in your area

FCA on Twitter

Responsible lending laws really matter. Find out why we all should care the Government is scrapping them.. @choiceaustralia @thevalsmob @Fin_Rights_CLC

The @FoodbankAus Hunger Report found 3 in 10 Australians now facing food insecurity had not gone hungry before the pandemic.

Two new groups need urgent help - casual workers and international students. #ZeroHunger #APW2020

For the full report, head to:

No one should be forced to make repayments for a high-cost consumer lease before purchasing essentials like food and housing. Let's kick consumer lease providers off Centrepay.


The FCA conference attracts a wide variety of high-profile and respected speakers, including Australian leaders, consumer advocates, politicians, regulators and industry representatives. We’re not afraid to try new things and have a reputation for a fast-moving and creative conference.

Financial Counselling at work

74% avoid legal action
69% are more positive about the future
66% resolve their financial difficulties
63% improve their mental wellbeing
53% avoid bankruptcy
45% improve their physical health
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