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The representative council meets at least twice a year to advise the FCA Board on strategy and policy issues, particularly those affecting financial counsellors and the state/territory associations. The council is also responsible for electing the four financial counsellor directors to the board.

The representative council has 18 members:

  • 14 are voting members, made up of two representatives from each state and territory member association
  • four are non-voting members – FCA’s chair, FCA’s chief executive officer, another board member and a representative from the Northern Territory which does not have a professional association.

Representative Council members

Australian Capital Territory

Rachael Milfull, Chair, Financial Counsellors ACT
Rosie Fisk, Financial Counsellor, CARE Inc.

New South Wales

Graham Smith, Chair, Financial Counsellors Association of NSW
Pauline Smith, Financial Counsellor, Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre


Jon O’Mally, Chair, Financial Counsellors’ Association of Queensland
Second QLD member TBA

South Australia

Carolyn Piper, Chair, South Australian Financial Counsellors Organisation
Astra Fleetwood, Manager of Community Financial Services, Anglicare SA


Fiona Moore, Chair, Financial Counselling Tasmania
Danielle Slade, Financial Counsellor, Anglicare Tasmania


Julie Barrow, Chair, Financial Consumer Rights Council
Cathy Clark, Financial Counsellor, Lentara Uniting Care

Western Australia

Jacquie Ecclestone, Chair, Financial Counsellors’ Association of Western Australia
Wendy Black, Practice Consultant Financial Services, Anglicare WA

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