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NDH Flyer in Languages Other than English

For clients who are not fluent in English, this could be a simple way of communicating key information about NDH. These NDH flyers are in Arabic, Cantonese, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Punjabi, Spanish and Tagalog.

Australian Financial Counselling Code of Ethical Practice

The Code of Ethical Practice expresses the values and responsibilities that are an important aspect of the financial counselling profession. It is intended to assist financial counsellors to act ethically in the performance of their professional practice and to protect the rights and responsibilities of clients, other financial counsellors, colleagues, workplaces and the community. The Code provides frameworks to guide financial counsellors in areas of common ethical dilemmas, within which professional judgement must be applied to determine the best practice in each situation. It has two sections – a Code of Ethics and a Code of Practice. Q The Code of Ethics sets out the ethical values which guide financial counselling. Q The Code of Practice provides guidance about appropriate behaviour in a number of ethical situations commonly experienced by financial counsellors.
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