Policies for financial counsellors

National Standards for Membership and Accreditation - This document sets out national standards for membership and accreditation of financial counsellors in Australia. The standards have been agreed by the eight State and Territory financial counselling associations:

Practice Standards - This document, titled "AFCCRA Minimum Practice Standards" was put together some time ago (AFCCRA is the former name of FCA). The focus is on the skills and knowledge a financial counsellor needs to do their job adequately.

Code of Ethical Practice

Code of Ethics Precis

Agency Practice Standards

The purpose of the Agency Practice Standards is to assist agencies offering financial counselling services to provide a high quality service. Adoption by agencies is  voluntary, but we hope that many agencies will do so as part of their normal quality frameworks. 

Agency Practice Standards

Agency Practice Standards Checklist

Conference Sponsorship

The Conference Sponsorship Policy specifies the ways in which FCA will manage sponsorships associated with our annual conference.

Conference Sponsorship Policy


Financial counsellors are committed to providing sound advice and support to clients.
But if you believe we have not met the standards expected of our profession, you have the right to complain.